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Free Best free kick Game
Best free kick
ronaldinho become fouls and scores goals from near the edge of the area, but be careful ...
Free Football: European Game
Football: European
have a good time playing this fun soccer game where you are about to win the match and advance ...
Free 3d soccer fouls Game
3d soccer fouls
your mission in this game is the next goal to put you in different ...
Free Football: Euroleague Game
Football: Euroleague
Euroleague is a new championship only play the best football ...
Free Football, faults Game
Football, faults
Play this game of football you have to score goals directly ...
Free Freekick Mania FIFA Game
Freekick Mania FIFA
Launches a fault from outside the area to win the Cup. Youll have to outsmart ...
Free Throwing penalties Game
Throwing penalties
Lanza penalties the league last season and lead your football ...
Free Monster world cup 2014 Game
Monster world cup 2014
win the world cup using a monstrous monster ...

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Free Shots on Goal Game
Shots on Goal
Play as FC Barcelona against Manchester City in this game of shots on goal. You must learn to control ...
Free Final champions 2013 Game
Final champions 2013
you are in the 2013 Champions League final and you can only win if you win this shootout. ...
Free Rugby penalty Game
Rugby penalty
you#39;re about to win rugby league and only take a minute ...
Free Launch failures with barrier Game
Launch failures with barrier
Great game where you can practice free throws or faults. ...
Free Pro evolution 2012 Game
Pro evolution 2012
choose most desired world cup team. you have to qualify ...
Free Football, perfect free kick Game
Football, perfect free kick
Play this fun football game, on a movie shoot. ...
Free Football: volley Game
Football: volley
Heres a fun game of one of the most followed ...
Free Football fever Game
Football fever
have a good time playing this fun soccer ...
Free Football: the boy scorer Game
Football: the boy scorer
Is it easy to sneak the ball into the goal without ...
Free Football: Copa Libertadores fk Game
Football: Copa Libertadores fk
playing another fun game of football where you have to throw a penalty ...
Free Fifa street 2013 flash Game
Fifa street 2013 flash
Choose your favorite football team and takes the ball to hit the ball and score a great goal. He gets a lot of goals to win the league ...
Free Football: Africa Game
Football: Africa
plays football in the African team where you have to escape ...
Free Street football Game
Street football
playing street football championship ...
For mobile
Free Pelé: Football legend Game
Pelé: Football legend
He plays soccer having as advisor the great teacher ...
Free Premier League Game
Premier League
You play with Chelsea to a football match against ...
Free Switching Goals Game
Switching Goals
The Olsen twins bring you this fun game where you must launch ...
Free Penalties for world Game
Penalties for world
get score many goals this goalie for your team to qualify ...
Free Football. Penalties 2014 Game
Football. Penalties 2014
playing a penalty shoot where you have to score more than three goals followed, ...
Free Football: Italian goalkeeper Game
Football: Italian goalkeeper
Step into the shoes of an Italian goalie and participates ...
Free Goalkeeper bush Game
Goalkeeper bush
bush is a porter in this game of football ...
Free Football: Messi halloween Game
Football: Messi halloween
the Golden Ball Messi played in this dark night of halloween ...
Free Football: control the ball Game
Football: control the ball
in this fun game of football you have to control ...
Free Football: Real Madrid Game
Football: Real Madrid
Real Madrid needs to improve his shots on goal and you have to help kick the ball. approaches ...
Free Fifa worl cup Game
Fifa worl cup
It is about to win the league this year there is only one chance ...
Free Neymar injured throws penalties Game
Neymar injured throws penalties
Neymar is injured with a horrendous pain muscles ...
Free Spanish League 2017 Game
Spanish League 2017
the Spanish League 2017 begins and we thought ...
Free America Cup Ver.2 Game
America Cup Ver.2
Play with your selection of the great football ...
Free America Cup Game
America Cup
Revives Americas Cup playing this fun game of football. ...
Free Tt football shootout Game
Tt football shootout
Practice your skills in Freekick no barrier ...
Free Football: last penalty Game
Football: last penalty
You have to train your release from the penalty ...
Free Football: fifa 2014 Game
Football: fifa 2014
youre about to win the 2014 World Cup and to win you have to play to penalties ...
Free Cup korea, faults Game
Cup korea, faults
In this game of football you do not have to play the game as a whole but will focus on free kicks. ...

Try to get the best goals to pull faults with these fantastic football games. Confront the goalkeeper with or without barrier and manages all your shots end up in the back of the net of the goal.

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Fouls Games

How to play fouls free, no downloads
One of the most common things in any football game are undoubtedly failures, these penalties are committed for many reasons but they all pose a risk for the other team, against closer to their goal may be. Some of the most common in which no aggression occurs are the hands and the offside trap, while when two players suffer a run is a more aggressive tackle.
Penalties vary depending on the action against him, in some simply throw the ball from the point where it was committed. While in others the player can receive a yellow card, which aims to berate the player's attitude because if you get two of this color will be expelled. If the action is really serious it is punishable by a red card and automatically the opposing player will be expelled, not just be expelled but can not be replaced by another. Unable to be replaced by a new team must play the entire game with one player less than the opponent.
When faults are near the penalty area, they considered dangerous, which together with the penalties are a good scoring chance, and will require a barrier of players to help the goalkeeper to deflect the ball out. You must take into account that barrier and that players who compose jump to try to clear your shot. Sometimes you can take advantage of is movement to try to sneak the ball down down while they jump and surprise your opponents. With or without barrier, your mission will be to try that this lack becomes a goal for your team.
Here are games in which to practice these faults, either in international championships as Champions or European Championships or national championships. Your mission is to train these sanctions so that when the time comes for a match can score a goal. The faults have left impressive goals in the world of football so try to score a spectacular goal that is in the memory of everyone. Play free games our faults and penalties to become the champion of the match!