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Free Devastating canyon Game
Devastating canyon
use the devastating cannon to demolish the building ...
Free Cannon Pocket Game
Cannon Pocket
In this game you have to throw cannon balls so that they remain ...
Free Zombies and guns Game
Zombies and guns
in this mini game you have to kill zombies ...
Free The barrel of the archaeologist Game
The barrel of the archaeologist
You are an archaeologist who goes in search of gold, you take a gun with you will help you to launch ...
Free Roly poly cannon 2 Game
Roly poly cannon 2
Play this fun game of strategy. You have to kill all the balls with the least possible ...
Free Canyon Game
Play this fun game of shooting with the Grand Canyon. ...
Free Bear Fisher Game
Bear Fisher
In this game you#39;re a mother bear and you have to thaw the fish to feed your baby. shoot with your cannon ...
Free Launch of sonic Game
Launch of sonic
sonic used in a shuttle to destroy all the robots ...
Free Anti emotions barrel Game
Anti emotions barrel
barrel anti emotions is a game where you have to put all your skills. ...
Free Pacifist hits Game
Pacifist hits
You#39;ve been with this peace to the mountains to create ...
Free Giraffe hero Game
Giraffe hero
poachers have kidnapped all animals from africa ...
Free Laser cannon Game
Laser cannon
guns in this game you have to kill all the monsters ...
Free Robbed eggs 2 Game
Robbed eggs 2
play this great game of skill where you have to dunk the eggs in the nest without ...
Free The most devastating cannon Game
The most devastating cannon
in this game of war soldiers fight and you have to help your allies ...
Free Cannon: heads of monsters Game
Cannon: heads of monsters
in this particular cannon game you have to aim and shoot at the heads of monsters ...
Free Cannon to troll Game
Cannon to troll
aim and shoot the troll display with this powerful ...
Free Roly poly cannon bloody monster Game
Roly poly cannon bloody monster
Play this fun game of skill. you have to shoot monsters ...
Free Healthy barrel Zombies Game
Healthy barrel Zombies
In this shooter you have to use a virus to cure healer ...
Free Skull explosion Game
Skull explosion
aim and shoot with the bazooka to the skulls ...
Free Ren and Stimpys Game
Ren and Stimpys
Help these friends to make another of his macabre ...
Free Smurfs throws balls Game
Smurfs throws balls
This Smurf need help to remove all balls from the screen. ...
Free Meteor shower Game
Meteor shower
a meteor shower threatens to destroy ...
Free Bad Company: Tanks 2011 Game
Bad Company: Tanks 2011
You are the tank commander and your mission is to destroy ...
Free Hell on duty Game
Hell on duty
You are in hell and you have to kill all the demons ...
Free Cannon sugar Game
Cannon sugar
These birds are hungry and your mission is to eat some tasty treats. ...
Free Cannons melons Game
Cannons melons
The protagonist of this game is a producer ...
Free Catching the football Game
Catching the football
point and shoot porters so you can catch all the soccer ...
Free Cannon: Red Riding Hood Game
Cannon: Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood has met the wolf and his flight ...
Free Throw the ball Game
Throw the ball
In this game you have to throw the ball is inside ...
Free Storm Winds Game
Storm Winds
Go choosing new weapons and ammunition different ...
Free Impale 3 Game
Impale 3
if you like killing zombies better than this game where you can kill brutally ...
Free Drawfender level pack Game
Drawfender level pack
evil criminals have escaped from jail and now they want to ruin your holiday ...
Free Flappy bird rescue Game
Flappy bird rescue
flappy bird birds are frozen thaw and your mission ...
Free Angry gary Game
Angry gary
Play this game based on the Angry Birds game where you have to throw the sponge ...
Free Zombies killed 2 Game
Zombies killed 2
if you liked the first part of zombies killed ...
Free Crazy soldier Game
Crazy soldier
launches a mad soldier from a devastating cannon ...
Free Fortress Game Game
Fortress Game
Your father when he comes I tell !!!. Will you shoot them stop stones? ...
Free Super Mario Kaboon Game
Super Mario Kaboon
Mario Bros has lost many of its coins which usually ...
Free Bullet bill 2 Game
Bullet bill 2
Many characters from Mario Bros games have their place in our own minigames ...
Free Mario, war at sea Game
Mario, war at sea
playing another fun game of mario. Mario has to protect ...

Prepare your guns to wage a war without quarter. Load your cannon ball and pointing toward the enemy to destroy him. Sinking a pirate ship, destroy the walls of a castle or simply points to the rival army.

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How to play canyons free, no downloads
The first guns appear in the Middle Ages and were used in the Middle East, then can be seen in Europe in the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula or in England with the Hundred Years' War. They continued to modernize to become a very lethal weapon, most deaths in World War II were due to guns. Although it was not easy to control them and to move them in combat it was difficult and had to stand to shoot, so you had to choose the location in advance to shoot your enemies. Another handicap was the time that was lost in recharge and the number of people who should be aware of the canyon as it meant fewer soldiers on the front line of war. All this was improved in subsequent versions of the canyon with new enhancements that ended with all the problems.
In the same way you have to position your artillery on the battlefield, you must also protect it from enemy troops establishing a good lining. You also need to distribute your own troops on the battlefield behind the reach of your cannon, otherwise could impact your men and suffer heavy casualties.
While all this changes if instead of commander are part of the gun crew, as you must recharge the heavy bullets and aim at the targets to be destroyed. Correct the deviation and determine the distance of the target is somewhat complicated, especially if you're on a battlefield where every second counts and situations change in an instant. More difficulties would find when they begin to be used in naval warfare, since the movement of waves give them more difficult, until this was resolved. Sink an enemy ship was significantly easier with the help of guns, is why the move to this area.
Here you can use the cannon to many missions in which you will be required aim and desire to do the most damage with a single projectile. Conducts maritime wars and sinking pirate ships, shoot the zombies with this heavy weapon, and use it to blow up certain creatures to a specific target. Whatever you choose to direct your shots well and achieves the goal of each game.